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Little Red Robin is a Singapore-based bookkeeping and business advisory firm designed to empower small business owners to take control and be confident with their own finances and financial decisions. Little Red Robin provides support and guidance in setting up and maintaining accurate and informative financial records for sole proprietors and small private limited companies in Singapore, including periodic financial health checks.  

Bookkeeping n. the work of keeping a record of business transactions.

We believe in a collaborative approach with our clients - we discuss and then teach the best processes and systems to use, to provide the most relevant information for their business. By feeling empowered and no longer overwhelmed by their finances, our clients can focus on what is most important to them - their business! If our clients need further hand-holding over a few months, we'll be there for them, too.   

We understand the anxieties individuals may have around keeping financial records in good order. We also understand that the best organisation for some businesses may be simply dropping each receipt into a shoebox! Whatever your strategy, we've probably seen it, and we can help you get on top of it!
Contact us to find out how we can help your business set up and maintain the best system for you.


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